Restructuring & Insolvency

If your business is experiencing financial difficulty it is vital that you engage professional advice as early as possible.

Our head offices are based in Perth, WA & Sydney, NSW with the capabilities to service across the whole of Australia. Our aim at Avior Consulting is to help you understand the problems of Insolvency so that you can catch financial difficulty as early as possible.

The earlier the problem is identified, the more guidance we can offer to restructure your company which in turn helps the turnaround and resolves the financial difficulty.

As a company approaches insolvency, there are a number of legal issues that its directors must consider in order to protect themselves and preserve value in the Company’s assets. The Company’s major stakeholders will be assessing the directors’ actions carefully in order to decide what action they will take.

We have a wealth of experience helping boards of directors to navigate through restructuring. Our managing director is a registered and official liquidator and has spent over ten years as a restructuring specialist in Australia helping some major Australian companies restructure their balance sheets and operations. This insolvency experience is balanced with broad commercial acumen and financial modeling capability to enable us to successfully restructure companies in a wide variety of situations. We have excellent relationships with all of the major Australian banks which increases the potential for a successful restructuring outcome.

Our experience in performing formal insolvency appointments is deep and broad. Whether it’s an Administration to facilitate a restructure of the business or winding up the business’ operations through a Liquidation, our strong technical expertise and commercial experience mean that these appointments will be conducted efficiently with due consideration for all stakeholders.

Avior makes full use of technological tools in relation to managing books and records, disseminating reports, and using financial data generally. Work delays are minimised through our ability to work remotely. This, combined with our commitment to being on the ground where needed, means that we can properly manage an appointment regardless of its location.

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We are experts in restructuring, insolvency and turnaround in businesses. The tools we apply to achieve your objective range from voluntary administration and liquidation, to informal restructures, to assembling funding packages for the restructure.

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