Corporate Turnaround

We are experts at turning around the performance of businesses that are in difficulty.

When a business is in any form of difficulty, the level of distraction rises significantly and the ability of key management to focus on the business’ underlying performance is reduced. Senior management’s activity shifts to resolving the dozens of crises arising each day as business performance continues to slide.

Our scientific approach includes:

  1. Understanding immediate cash flow needs and stabilising any balance sheet issues;
  2. Addressing any major stakeholder concerns including banks, suppliers, customers, shareholders and staff;
  3. Implementing a meaningful reporting system to monitor progress;
  4. Reviewing costs for sustainable savings that are achievable both immediately or over a period of time;
  5. Helping management design a plan for driving revenue growth;
  6. Creating a culture of execution in the business to drive the turnaround plan;
  7. Working with management to repair any balance sheet issues including debt restructuring.

We have excellent relationships with all major Australian banks and strong knowledge of their requirements when considering whether to support a turnaround strategy.

No matter how desperate the situation appears, we can design plans to rescue the business and turn its performance around.

Contact us for an informal and confidential discussion on how we can help you.