Corporate turnaround, Restructuring & Insolvency

Using a proven framework for business turnaround

Turning around an underperforming business is a difficult exercise. The environment is often stressed with pressure being exerted by suppliers, the tax office and the bank. Immersed in these conditions, managers frequently focus on the wrong things in pursuing the turnaround and whilst they’re doing this the business continues to deteriorate.

“Get out of the madness and follow the method”?

You need to understand that there is a science to achieving any successful turnaround plan and that science includes addressing 3 specific tiers, which need to be dealt with in order. The good news is that this approach applies regardless of the size of business or the industry you’re in.

1. Confront and stabilize

The first three things that should be on the agenda for turnaround managers is to confront the severity of the situation ...

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