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Avior Capital establishes new credit fund

Avior Capital is pleased to announce that its new credit fund is open for capital raising

Avior Capital Partners manage investments for wholesale investors in a range of bespoke transactions and through established funds.  We are a principal investor in all of the funds we manage ensuring strong partnerships and aligned objectives with our growing base of wholesale investors.

The distribution from our most recent fund resulted in an investment return of 13.9% for the period ended 30 June 2022, annualised to 37.1%.

The capital raising for our next credit fund is underway, seeking up to $15 million from sophisticated investors.


Access to performing portfolio of secured corporate loans

Offers individual Investors direct access to private credit and special situations lending opportunities traditionally available to institutional investors.

Premium regular return

Target return of 15% p.a. (net of fees) with quarterly distributions.

Stable earnings with significant upside from special situations

Designed to deliver stable annual earnings with exposure across credit market segments, borrowers, industries and origination channels and enhanced by capital appreciation available from special situations and restructuring opportunities. Lower risk of capital loss created by the defensive nature of senior secured credit investments.

Exposure to upside available in restructuring transactions identified and managed by an experienced team of insolvency professionals.

Investor alignment

Underpinned by a co-investment in the credit fund by Avior Consulting, up to $250,000.

Download the information memorandum