Forensic Accounting

Avior’s forensic accounting practice provides multidisciplinary, independent investigative support services to clients facing, fraud risk, arbitration, litigation, regulatory scrutiny, and family law issues.

Our team comprises Chartered Accountants and professional accountants who are also certified fraud examiners. We also bring to our assignments experience as financial analysts, commercial accountants and with law enforcement agencies.

With our range of expertise, we provide independent reports for ‘client use only’ through to expert reports, affidavits or witness statements in areas including civil litigation, criminal litigation, arbitration, and commercial settlements. Clients have included audit committees, businesses, corporations and governmental bodies.

Backed by credible and senior professionals, our forensics team provide services tailored to your specific needs including:

  • Investigation services.
  • Investigative interviewing assistance.
  • Litigation & Dispute resolution, including expert reports for civil and/or criminal proceedings and family law matters.
  • Fraud & corruption detection and risk management.
  • Asset protection.
  • Valuation or quantification of loss reports