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Avior Private Credit Fund has opened

The Avior Private Credit Fund will be perfectly placed to take strategic investments in a diverse range of high quality Australian businesses.

Avior Consulting is pleased to announce the opening of its latest private credit fund to sophisticated investors.

We have been operating in the Australian middle market for corporate restructuring for over 20 years and in that time we have become specialists in complex restructuring for mid-market companies.  We design and implement solutions that are generally only available to much larger companies due to the professional expertise and creative financing packages necessary to make them work.

Australia’s large financial institutions specialise in standardised products that are not appropriate for distressed assets and their specialist credit teams that have the ability to assess more complex transactions are restricted for institutional borrowers.  Large hedge funds have specific restructuring funds for special situations, however, their mandate only allows them to consider transactions above a certain threshold and lower value transactions are generally not considered.  The result is that excellent opportunities to finance corporate restructures are lost.

We provide the expert restructuring advice and credit analysis for distressed assets that facilitates finance packages to proceed with minimised risk and maximum returns.  In the past, we have completed individual assignments by accessing private debt and equity for each transaction and on several occasions we have led a consortium of investors into successful restructuring investments.

The volume of mid-market restructuring is increasing rapidly now that our economy is recovering from the pandemic and the reality that most mid-market businesses face is that their traditional financiers are not equipped to provide finance in these conditions.  Significant market opportunities for financing high quality businesses with good security and cashflow will arise for private financiers that are capable of understanding complex financial positions and restructuring plans.

The Avior Private Credit Fund will be perfectly placed to take advantage of these opportunities and take strategic investments in a diverse range of high quality Australian businesses.  We anticipate that the long term average return from the fund will significantly exceed the average market return for financing of this nature with a dramatically reduced risk profile.

Please contact our office to obtain a copy of the information memorandum.